Main System:  
Pro Tools rig: Barber Electronics LTD (silver)
Apple G4 800 running Barber Electronics LTD (SR)
Digidesign Pro Tools Mixplus System 64 tracks Barber Electronics Launch Pad
Digidesign Adat Bridge/24bit 16ch Barber Electronics Tone Press
Seagate SATA drives Barber Electronics Direct Drive
Glyph Trip Chassis w/ Scsi hotswap drives Barber Electronics Direct Drive SS
ISO Box with SBS 13 slot chassis and 6 DSP cards Barber Electronics Burn Unit
Main rig: Other custom pedals built by Ronni
PC Quad 2.6 rack chassis Line6 AmpFarm
Reaper 3, Cubase C4 Dyanco tube preamp
SATA drives  
3 UAD-1 Ultra DSP cards  
RME Digiface 26ch F/X:

Solid State Logic Alpha Link Madi AX
24ch I/O conversion

T.C. Electronic M-One
Yamaha REV500
Makie MCU Pro control surface
Princeton Digital
Altiverb 5 (with a ton of IR's)
Line6 EchoFarm
Monitor System:
Line6 MM4
Dangerous Music D-Box (monitor summing box)
Line6 DL4
KRK Exposé 7 monitors with KRK 10" Sub
Waves IR Verb
Tannoy Reveal's passive monitors
UAD EMT 140 Plate
Tannoy PBM 6.5 passive monitors
Crown D150a amp
hafler 220 amp
Rane HC-6 headphone amp
Audio-Technica 4047sv FET
AKG, Sony and Audio-Technica phones
  Audio-Technica 4033
Recorders: 3 AKG 391b’s,
Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 (For sale) 2 AKG D112
Tascam DA38 MDM
3 AKG 535
Tascam DA30 Dat machine
AKG D1000
  2 Sennheiser 421
Mic preamps/ Direct Box: Royer R-121 Ribbon
Chandler Limited TG2 (EMI Abbey Road preamp) 2 Meek JM27
Chandler limited LTD-1 (Neve 1073)
Meek JM47 FET
Vintech "Dual 72" (Neve 1272 2ch)
Audix D1
Calrec PQ1061 (pre/Eq)
Audix D2
Great River MP-2H 2ch (w/Jensen transformers)
Audix i5
Presonus M80 8ch (w/Burr Brown opamps)
Avalon U5 Direct inject
2 Studio Projects B1
Barber Electronics LS4 4ch
2 Shure KSM32
  4 Shure SM57
Signal Processing: EV 308
2 Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor  
2 FMR RNC 1773
Aphex Compellor
M-Audio MK-461c
Speck ASC-T EQ (Matched pair w/Transformers)
Emu e5000 sampler w/128mb
Orban 674A EQ
Alesis Qudrasynth Plus For Sale
Sony Oxford EQ
Patching and Wiring through out:
Waves SSL bundle
URS bundle
ADC tt patchbays
Antares Auto Tune 3
Oxygen-Free cabling
Universal Audio UAD-1 plugins

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